The Anti

A basic understanding of cosmic law makes one realise that being anti-anything has never brought any more light into this world.
And the paradox is the more against something we are, the more often we become the very thing that we speak so vehemently against.
Focus and feed on the things in life you wish to charge, they will thereby increase and multiply.
The results of the international war on drugs speaks for itself.
The shift in racism made by those who self riotously engage and deliver hate towards the hate is toothless. Nothing good will ever come from your anti-energy. You merely charge and engage, and give new life to archaic ideas. Let go of self-riotous condemnation. Your ego has hijacked your energy for anger in the name of morality. Instead open your heart and mind… burn with passion.
Make the world feel excited about a new way of being. Of new possibilities.
Let the old ideas shrink away in the light of new beautiful landscapes, painted and moulded by the song of your life.

Nathan Raaths




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