The arrogance of our truths !

The only responsibility that we have in teaching our brethren , is in leading them back to themselves . Teaching them to turn within , discover their own inner guidance system and Guru . The only true path of higher guidance is to teach people how to look for and connect to their own Truth . Anything beyond that seems like a self imposed embellishment of ones own ego . Projecting ones truth on another is in my eyes a sure sign of a person who deems their perceptions to be superior , a kind of arrogance of juxtaposition that has led us wrong for eons .
Be wary of those that send you searching on frivolous expeditions outside of oneself in a search for clarity and truth , and be even more guarded against those that claim to hold your answers and liberation in book, word or action .
Every single living organism has the perfect God frequency flowing through them , that allows us to easily and openly understand , connect to , and even merge our wills with the source of life within us .

Animals that we so arrogantly claim to superior to , easily stay connected to this flow . They remain in harmony with their purpose and their current experience !
The search for things outside yourself , no matter if it is for, Love , truth or even answers . Will truly lead you in circles for thousands of lifetimes .
Each time it will lead you back to where you started , back to yourself . The only Guru , guide and even savior you will ever need .
You are the thing you so ache and crave for .
You are the redemption you seek . It could be no other way !
Behind closed eyes and slow breath , even deep prayer lies everything you have ever searched for .

Once you have reconnect to your own inner compass , your only responsibility is to help others find theirs !
No matter how perfect your life path has led you to certain conclusions and realizations , no matter how sure you are of your purpose , never allow the ego to step in and tell you to project that onto others .
Each beautiful manifestation of life has an inbuilt map and blue print with in it !
Each one personal and unique , a story like no other . A new expression on the infinite variations of life !
One day we will sit back and laugh that we used to actually think you could ask someone , or go to someone in search for truth for yourself . One day it will seem like madness that we ever thought that anyone but ourselves in the sanctity of our own hearts and minds could ever define the greatest journey and relationship of our lives ….
Our epic unique journeys back into the mind of God !

Nathan Raaths



  • Lauren-Lee says:

    Beautifully articulated…. Thank you for sharing xxxx

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