The beautiful mess of raw chaos

When you invite the beautiful mess of raw chaos into your life
When you yearn for a deep awakening and cosmic connection
When you wish to birth a dancing star
Expect the unexpected…

Expect the best arranged plans to be eviscerated
Expect your most sacred moments to be invaded viciously
Expect to have the blessedness of anticipation tinkered with
Expect control and the illusion thereof to be blatantly challenged
Expect unexpected crisis in the circles you hold dear
Expect to live more in the delicious NOW than ever before

Expect to feel an ancient hurt entombed in the cavity of your ferociously beating heart
Expect turmoil as the EGO fights this new unquantified turn
Expect to disappoint other, as you wade through the beautiful chaos within
Expected to feel incriminated, villainous and boxed in
Expect to feel other disapproval and expectations tangibly, clawing at your transcending soul
And then expect to rail against the dying of the light within

Expect to wail against system and the perceived injustice of it all
Expect your soul family and those you trust most, to affect your experience deeply
Expect to feel the tangible living beast of resistance within you coil in visceral tension
And then dear hearts, when you have stomped and screamed and released it all
Surrender… as your inner worlds collide, collate and create
Surrender to the divine re-birthing, find the calm in the ensuing pandemonium

Feel your body and soul intertwine frenetically as the separation dissipates
Feel the most sacred blessing of connecting with the paradigms of the unknown
Feel a new perspective emerge, where you viscerally feel that perfection is all in the eye of the beholder
With each perceived crisis comes the potential for inner reprogramming
Nothing happens haphazardly, there is a flawless chaos and synchronicity to it all
You are always, always in sentient co-creation of your outward experience

Love and honour those unconditionally that are in the furious maelstrom with you
Those that are in sacred service to your soul, thank them for the confusion
Acknowledge your pain, and theirs – marvel at the perceived brokenness
Acknowledge your response to any situation reflects the fight within
Feel it and embrace the expanding vulnerability of the cosmic heartbeat
Feel the dance of the eternal chaotic awakening of the soul

Understanding that every moment is an opportunity for growth
Understanding that chaos is the gift of the divine
And then trust, oh the ultimate initiator
Trust yourself, and the infinite within you
Trust in the perfection of the chaos that you have called
And then you call the labouring chaos forth again…

~ Whispers of a shattered soul



I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and more and less. I am a manic reader of various genres, and I love to express myself through writing. Sometimes it feels like I am just the interpreter of our collective emotions. Putting pen to paper to share when the inspiration strikes... I marvel at the freedom and surrender when allowing the rhythmic candescent glow of creative release. I constantly reinforced that life is all about the small stuff, the minutes in-between the focal points of our day, the special people that prompt you to live with intent, laugh with gusto, appreciate small gestures, rejoice in everyone’s individuality and find the wonder in every aspect of being part of the human race.