The Dance of The Soul

Keep me dancing to the song of self acceptance and love. Let it drip from my soul into my body. Drifting free of judgment and misconception. We spend our moments singing to the wrong tune wondering why we aren’t fulfilled in our lives. It’s in the knowing through our experiences. Only when we start to explore ourselves to the deepest darkest points of what we truly want and desire, do we start to grow. We start to express what we want not what we think people want from us. We take back what was always ours. Our true magnificence, our souls essence starts to pour out of us with such a powerful flow, that it becomes surreal. I have been experimenting with myself and the deep depths that I run to on every level. Relentlessly I might add.. I have broken apart completely this week with extreme levels of emotion. We have to fall apart, to unlearn the bull shit we have been fed our entire life. There cannot be any form of growth without pain. So in feeling into my deepest suppressions and childhood trauma, it has created space for new adventures to take place. Don’t let people’s opinions shape your opinion of yourself. Self worth on this journey is imperative to survival. Gently moving forward with grace integrity and love. Head up weary souls. This shit ain’t just rainbows and butterflies. Remember there cannot be a rainbow without the storm. All in transformation. I search for more everyday, experiencing what makes me tick. All in complete gratitude in the necessary steps that brought me to this moment. Feel everything, the pain, the anger, the resentment, the love, the vulnerabilities life brings. That feeling your feeling in you chest. That is life force and that means your alive.. breath it in.. soak it all up.. live your moment.. love like there is no tomorrow.. let go of control.. explore more.. life is one crazy adventure.. might as well enjoy it!