The Fabric of Truth : An understanding that can free our souls !

7th September at 11 am -13:00 

Suggested Value exchange :
R 200 per person ( R300 if you bring a friend )
Or a donation that suites your current reality

Mind ,Body and Spirit Sanctuary Germiston 

Unit 10 Majestic Nursery, 90 Webber Road Lambton

I can think of no single understanding that could literally transform individuals more powerfully than the knowledge of what truth is !

On a grander scale if people where only taught the mind blowing constructs of truth they would deal with each other so differently it would literally cause a global shift in consciousness

The truth my friends will not set you free ……. Understanding the fabric of truth will !

I can give you no greater gift , those who can fearlessly explore its construct with me . If we are able to realize how perfectly constructed each individual perception and truth is, we are able to understand that we perceive the world , and even higher worlds in a way that no other individual ever can . Our truth is such a unique special construct that it leads us to what our purpose in life is .

This incredible understanding helps you live your reason for being s . Each person path tailor made to perfection . It also frees you of so much of earths pain that comes from expectations and trying to impose our truths on others .

I would go as far as to say its the single greatest problem in the world .

Once we have taken what I guarantee to be a mind bending fresh look at what truth really is , we delve into how our truths create our beliefs .

Quite literally every time you feel any emotion , good or bad . It is because you have a belief about what is outplaying before you … place , event or person .

No single thing can free your soul more than learning to uncover what beliefs you hold about the things outplaying around you .

Understanding , and having awareness of how our truths lead to beliefs , and how our beliefs literally mold reality , is in my view the most important skill we in this great awakening can possibly harness

Join me for a no holds barred adventure, as we do what most fear to do .We peak behind the curtain at the very fabric of reality and truth ….

And lastly how this outplays to create the reality we experience