The Human Experience

The human experience is infinitely profound.
I think only us, who are still in the midst of the experience, could ever lose touch with this. The pure rawness of very concept of a life on earth! Every soul filled with cosmic amnesia and regardless of the belief system they piece together they will, time and time again be called to find inexplicable bravery.
At their essence every human being is born bare and exposed in more ways than one. I doubt there is a single human life story that would not be deeply touching if followed through its highs and lows.
One can only imagine the amount of tears, laughter, screams and prayers that have filled our ethers expressed from the proverbial naked man. The music and art, the poetry and writings, all stand as testament to the beauty that escapes our often wounded souls. Expressions of emotional power made manifest by beings, submerged in the enormity of the experience.
In that paradoxically long, yet comically short period between birth and death, there are two inexplicable and unknowable portals to man. The only way in and the only way out. It is there, that we are each left the freedom to build a truth about the experience, from within the experience.
So many stories…
So much love…
So much pain…
The human experience is infinitely profound.
I think the ultimate gift is available to those who amidst the dream, wake up in a state of gratitude to the miracle in action . I don’t know what life is, none of us do, but I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to experience pure human rawness.
I can sense that I will always speak of my time in a human body. I am here right now and I am not going to let a single minute of my personal miracle escape me.
I hope many beings find a way to see their own miracle in action, as opposed to finding appreciation somewhere in time and space, and finding an appreciation only in hindsight.

Nathan Raaths