The spiritual path is full of ego traps !

The spiritual path is full of ego traps !

In this magnificent universe all truths can and should exist side by side all, have a place and deserve to outplay. Each truth grows with you and slowly opens up more and more of the picture , to ever sit and debate truths or to attempt to disrepute anybodies understandings or existing truths is merely an ego fear based trap. Each person is honored with an absolute unique bond and perception of the God source ! We should celebrate our different views , we should be mind blown that the Prime Creator can be understood and expressed in so many ways .
No truth exists above another… it is an ego trap . All truths are always changing and expanding , just as yours have over your lifetime. Truth will never be solid , it grows with us and the evolution of our personal understand is something highly personal and can never be replicated . No two people can ever perceive the same journey or meaning !

No middleman is ever needed between you and your awakening ….Regardless if it is a priest , shaman , guru or even just a friendly guide assisting your journey . Always be weary of anything or anybody that claims to hold the truth for you . No truth can ever be found outside of yourself and no one can tell you your purpose . True teachers lead you to the place where you can turn within and find your own path , truth and answers . No redemption or meaning can be found in any person or place . All roads lead within
If you are lucky enough to find a guide who can keep completely ego free then embrace them . Let them inspire you to find the doorway that opens within Regardless of the body of knowledge they stem from !
Once you reconnect to the divine spark .. you will never look outside of yourself for truth or guidance again !
In truth all is needed is for you to close your eyes in silence and by your third deep breath you will feel yourself go back online ….. in this sacred space true eternal reality will begin to unfold . And no soul how ever impressive they may seem can ever ever translate your path for you ….. truly each one is tailor made , with an ending that will take your breath away
This is not an experience that you can box and categories or fill with rules , those are all human constructs . When you step back into the infinite it goes beyond mind and understanding !

We are all just walking each other home ……. yet no road will be the same !
Stop looking for the path outside of yourself !
Begin to unfold your own , the clues the hints and even the teachers that need to back up the internal experience will always be there at the right time. ¬†Always encouraging you to become your own frame of reference and show you that you are the only guide you will ever need and the only one who really knows the truth …. for you !

Nathan Raathsasas