The Storm

The hardest thing about being surrounded by mass insanity is to not allow oneself to be sucked in so easily. It sometimes takes weeks to rip my mind away from this illusion just to breath free again. I find it so difficult to see the way we suffer, cling and fight! I wish I could put you all in my boat but I have my own course to steer !
I call upon the great navigator within, I call upon the grace to openly feel and express love while been pelted by the storm! I will once again close my eyes to this fearful illusion and I will sail out into the rain and wind. I have removed so many garments of illusion in my life , but yet each time I believe I fully trust and surrender, the waves swell beneath me to show me that I still grab to hold on. The levels of surrender that are still before me I welcome with open arms. The shore is no longer a place for me! This thing I perceive as pain, resistance to the true reality within. Oh great storm I stand before you and once again I surrender, tear another garment of illusion from my body. I spread my arms and gently whisper ” It is cold now, but soon I will stop holding on wondering if I can swim, when I have surrendered on every level I will be ready to fly!”

Nathan Raaths