The Truth

Lets take a moment to consider what people are referring to when they say they believe something .Think about the fact that their position is defined by their location or stance to the issue in question.

Another way of explaining it is that ones truths are defined by the angle ( or life situation) from which one perceives the issue in question.

If you imagine a chess board with a person standing on each block , now consider that every person on the board would perceive an event outplaying in front of them from a unique perspective and view based on there current standpoint .

It appears to me that no two people can ever share a truth or perception . Now granted there are certain societal norms and group truths , but even if you break these down further , every single person still has a slightly different version of the truth . This is the main reason that truth has never been able to be successfully boxed and spread generically with out splitting and breaking up a thousand times .

So then what is true , in a world where wrong and right , dark and light , even up and down are mere expressions of a point or angle of perception !

One mans terrorist is another mans liberator, one mans struggle for a perfect race is another mans genocide . One persons whore is another mans loving mother !

As long as your soul looks for truth from your current life angle . As long as you build you beliefs from a juxtaposition of your current experiences and life path , you will always be trapped within a very small myopic part of all that is . As long as you insist on viewing and fighting for a particular stance you will always have a very small piece of a perfect picture .

Individual perspectives leave us with the greatest human disease in human history …….. Judgement
To hold a stance that is influenced by your angle of perspective leaves us horribly susceptible to constantly evaluate and judge every event , person and action from our point of view . And as much as we want to all believe we see it the right way … we see it our way , which quite simply put means we only see a small part of the picture .

Even more ironic about this constant state of judgement that the human carnal mind spits out thousand of times a day is the fact that the perspective, truth and belief (angel ) by which you measure all things against is constantly changing and evolving as you move around life’s chess board .
You would think then , being aware as the proof in your own life about how truth molds and changes within your own being, that we would take less of a stance on what is wrong or right , yet the carnal mind continues in full swing , judging even stronger now as it is driven by its ego fueled perception of a  higher version of the truth than it once did . In the ultimate irony the ego even turns upon itself judging your old perceptions and truths as tho yesterday you where but a child.

All the while judging , deciding and drawing lines and making roads in what should be a pathless land .

Always defined by the angle to a situation and always fueled by judgement unstoppable cousin

The need to be right !!!!!!!


I feel that we will walk through the world of illusion for as long as we wish , we will experience the world from all sides . I believe we will have a million experiences and taste more angles and beliefs than one could recall
. In the true path of being human you will learn to stand on every square of the board . And even then your journey will not be over , for your truth has not been found !

In the true path of being human you will learn to stand on every square of lifes chess board . And even then your journey will not be over , for your truth has not been found .

I am now Nathan Raaths, but I have been called many things over many times . I have been the darkness and the light . I have been the boogie man and the angel .
I have walked in boots of the hero , screamed with the voice of a traitor . I have watched blood spill by my own hand, and I have hidden terrified from my assailants. I have lived in hate and I have basked in glorious love .
I have played every role . Experienced every strain of belief

With each step and each square my awareness grows . With each experience and moment my judgement shrinks . I am no longer able to hold one point of view , I am not one of those squares, black or white .
I am now the board .

I am not one truth , I am all truths .
In a world that unfolds beneath me climbing this tower of raised awareness . I look over the land and see all things as one . And I am part of that one . All truths and all perspectives united make up one magnificent presence.
Perfect acceptance of all things expressing as they see fit
Absolute unconditional love


And inside I feel a soft  gentle glow that grows and even begins to hum , the powerful blissful emotion of unconditional love for all things flows through me . I feel nothing but love for all things that I see , how could I judge them for even a second. For to judge I would have to take a stance, to do this I would need an angle, and suddenly I would find myself back on the board having fallen out of the tower !

A part of me is Nathan and Nathan is a part of all things .
I have found my truth , it is in all things … and as often as I can I embrace the soft gentle hum as I begin to re-climb the tower so that I can once more see the perfection in all things !

And I will stand up there with the eternal sun in my face as she shines over the board and together we share a smile expressing a love for all that we behold !

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