This new power at our fingertips !!

As your individual frequency rises, the speed by which you can create your reality increases. This means that not only can you create the most incredibly connected states you can also literally create hell in your life in a blink of an eye. This is the way that the universe slowly teaches you to take responsibility and fully understand the upcoming reality. The reality of instant manifestation is what waits for many of us as the frequency steps up more each year. This fact is becoming massively evident for many of us, as exciting as it is we also often find ourselves with paint all over our faces. Like tops learning to spin at higher and higher speeds, we also often lose focus and spin out of control sometimes with new found and shocking momentum. What many of us are experiencing is a comedy of errors. It’s an absolute roller coaster of realities, learning to harness this new power. One day we feel like we are so connected and balanced that we will never fall again, the next day we unravel and feel like we have gone backwards.

My message to you tonight is to be gentle with yourself. A handful of colorful and somewhat humorous swings are to be expected as we learn to control this new power that slowly grows. We are still left to create any reality we choose with this impending gift, even a dark one if we choose. One thing that you will never have again, is doubt of who is choosing and creating this all. This is all your doing. One incredible tutorial of a new reality squashed into a few meager years. Soon we will have full awareness and be able to take responsibility of every word, thought and action. Hence we can be fully responsible for our vibration, and all that we create … How exciting!!

I just wanted to share some of the insights given to me in my inner worlds tonight.
It really helped me.

I am winding the string around my top again right now, after a rather epic speed wobble. A few deep breaths and I’m ready to throw it and start the lesson again.

This new power at my fingertips!

Nathan Raaths 


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  • Marcia says:

    Thanks for all your sharing Nathan. I love reading your posts, It really helps. I get it.

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