Perhaps there is no ultimate truth like so many of us humans like to think.
In an infinite myriad of realities and perspectives, truth is merely juxtaposition. A perspective created by the angle from which you view an issue.
At the highest level of awareness we might become aware that all truths are relevant to a degree. Perhaps even a stepping stone in the vibrational staircase to higher awareness.
Perhaps the highest level of belief, is not be trapped by one juxtaposition but to be aware of the perfection of all interwoven truths.
Perhaps when beings get to a certain level of sentience, or super consciousness, they are no longer bound by an individual juxtaposition on the board of reality.
Perhaps they hold an awareness more of the entire proverbial chess board than the game at hand.
Perhaps at the highest level of awareness, beings become aware of how opinions, judgements, and beliefs, no matter how seemingly evolved, keep us anchored into isolated positions on this board of life.
Once we are able to release attachment and defence on certain perspectives we can begin to hold that higher frequency of truth.
The awareness pulls back and encompasses the oneness of the board in its entirety, and gives us a true glimpse of the epic dance between dark and light.
It gives us a peek behind the curtain of reality. Where two seeming enemies, push and pull one another into constant growth and acceleration. This is one mighty prime creating consciousness emerging, and then splitting into many fragments on the board.
That same consciousness that exist in all things, like behind your eyes right now, perfectly neutral, until thought, opinion and personal truth kick back in, and root us firmly to our position in this reality once more.

Nathan Raaths


  • Steve Be says:

    Indeed bro. Truth is relative here in physicality, and beyond… absolute Truth is known. The irony is that it’s subjective in a material reality – objective in a spiritual reality.

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