Wash Me Away

The more I understand that I have always been, and always will be in existence, the more I realise that there is nothing to fear.  All my perceptions of pain come from the moments in time I hang on to. From the moments we try and freeze. We are only afraid of change. We actually only suffer from the moments we try and control or turn back. Eternity and constant flux are the only absolute constants in reality. I understand more deeply this morning how many levels of surrender there are, and the freedom that lies waiting for those who courageously let go. Flowing and accepting no matter the change at hand, from rejection to death .
Your pain is measure by your inability to let go. Your healing is always found on the other side of surrender and acceptance. Even your ability to align with the divine is held by your ability to let go
All pain comes from resistance.
Whether you like it or not, fighting against the river will not stop it from washing you away.
The mind has convinced you that you are a dead stone in the river. One that must cling for fear of been washed away from this moment in time .
When you work on your inner reality through ceremony, meditation and prayer, true reality begins to emerge. You realise that you cannot surrender because you have no faith in the perfection of source energy emanating through you.
When you cultivate the inner worlds. Your find your terrified grip slowly release in powerful realisation

I am the river !

It is myself I have been fighting all along

You throw up your arms in happy tears ……. just as it washes you away

Nathan Raath

  • Marcia says:

    Thank you Nathan. I have such admiration for your ability to convey “OUR” deepest thoughts into your writings.

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