What Is It That I Can Become, If I Am Already All Things?

I already have all of the oceans of love and fear present and available to me in this drop that I see as self. Ever present, able to make itself manifest and known through my choosing.

The magnitude of every strain of light and dark already interwoven into the tapestry of my being, ready to be reflected in any way I choose, with every magnificent strain of frequency in-between.

What is it I could ever become, If I am already all things ?

Surely I can not become light nor dark.

Perhaps I can become more conscious, as a creator, of what part of all things I wish to perceive, to which I give my awareness and daily energy allowance whilst in this form.

I am already all things, it’s just learning that I can choose what part of the wind I want to dance in.

It’s choosing when to be the leaf dancing, or when to be the wind blowing.

It’s about knowing that I am the creator of the wildest storms as well as the calm Eye at the core .

Nathan Raaths