A Child In The Sun


As a child I was never sure what beauty was… for it was all beautiful. We stood in fields at night listening to the intense debates of rain in all its possibility among those we called the adults . That land smelt of red magic, it was even red to its earth, it left red dank on my hands at night . I once heard my grandfather call it the red lands. And I often delighted as a child at the sound of a thousand seeds falling from my clothes as the attempted to bathe and cleanse us. Sometimes in the fields I would go to my knees completely lost in the size and enormity of what I stood within. The smell of of pure earth is what most haunts me. I was exhilarated and terrified at the same time. Sometimes running full speed half in excitement half in terror it felt like perhaps the fields went on for ever. I would crouch amidst an oasis of beauty. Half filled with wonder and yet almost panicked from the powerful buzz of a million bees. Kneeling in fear and wonder I looked up to the attack on my childlike sensual being. Every creature for a hundred miles had come to worship the sun. So I calmed my fear, turned my head and felt the first rays landing. I begun to understand a wisdom that lay beyond my years. Beyond the field of seeming unconscious yellow. This was my first true expression of worship in my life. Before me a thousand perfect geometrical organic heads turned expressions towards their god, and without hindrance of my innocent observation, silently danced before me
As their majestic glowing heads turned towards the primordial one. Each one in symmetry, without question they aligned effortlessly. They danced and swayed in quiet worship
It was quite divine
I as a human child was the last one to understand
It was not a logical thought, more a sudden gentle knowing that washed over me.
Thoughts of fear and separation dissolved, I closed my eyes and surrendered to the one
Life would often repeat this miracle
To the light that makes all things, thank you for dancing for me
Thank you for letting me truly see
Nathan Raaths
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    absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Absolutely beautiful x

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