Who the hell is driving this thing ?


It’s almost like as a culture, the more aware we become of our outside appearances the less aware we are of what is going on within us!

Being disconnected to the internal reality of your true-self, literally leaves us as beings without free will. Then we begin behaving compulsively to feelings and reactions that we don’t understand or feel victim to.

It’s impossible to understand how you are creating your reality from the light within your soul, by focusing on the reflections it casts onto the outside world… these are the illusions we understand to be real.

This obsession with a mere reflection of true reality leaves us powerless to change anything. We live in a society almost guaranteed to spend a lifetime wondering why things are happening to them, slipping into victim or giving our power away by claiming its someone else’s plan is an expected result.

This state of confusion and powerlessness leaves so many empty and scared, left to try and find more solutions outside of themselves. Like empty ghosts chasing shadows on a wall.

Tired lifeless eyes searching for the light without that they actually already are within!

Never turning back into true reality, the eternity behind closed eyes and slow breath, to add some wood and stoke the fires of their ancient soul…

Truly the more focused we become on what the vanity and consumer driven society shows us, the more we travel away from one simple fact that was once common knowledge:

  1. We are creating it all … Every moment, every experience with no exception.

Until then, every time we have a proverbial “car accident”, we will continue to jump out the car outraged & wondering who the hell was driving?

Nathan Raaths