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Perceptual Essays

Nathan Raaths

Hearts on Fire
Regardless of the outcome may you all be blessed to truly experience a love so deep that it's beyond logic[...]
Is It True ?
We often share things in the hope that they will change peoples minds. In truth humanity does not move consciously[...]
A Child In The Sun
  As a child I was never sure what beauty was… for it was all beautiful. We stood in fields[...]
Wash Me Away
The more I understand that I have always been, and always will be in existence, the more I realise that[...]
Its Effortless To Love You
For many years I walked around in a profound state of bliss. I could never quite explain to people what[...]

Contributing Authors

Margot Mundell

The Dance of The Soul
Keep me dancing to the song of self acceptance and love. Let it drip from my soul into my body.[...]
Today upon awakening, I decided I would wear my imperfections for all to see. I am no angel, I am[...]
Just too much women
I am too much women, with a light that is blinding and a dark that is deafening. I have spent[...]
Sultry Rhythm
Whispers in the dead of night dancing in the wind, while gently swaying in the moonlights song. Creeping secrets of[...]

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